K107 Coil Kleen Plus
Non Acid Industrial Coil & Filter Cleaner

Increase the efficiency of heating and air conditioning units.
Biodegradable no unpleasant odors.
Energy saver-Washes away soil deposits which insulate the heat transfer and reduce efficiency
Loosens insulating deposits as it clings to coils.
Maximum heating and cooling is attained without excess energy usage.
Protects metal frames and filters against corrosion.

KHEMIX-107 Coil Kleen Plus should be mixed with 4 quarts of water to 1 quart of cleaner. Apply a light mist to the entire condenser area, then apply a second heavier coating. Allow this solution to soak for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. For extremely heavily soiled areas it may be necessary to repeat the above REMEMBER TO ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES AND RUBBER GLOVES when HANDLING, MIXING or USING.

KHEMIX-107 Coil Kleen plus is a highly concentrated alkaline FOAMING CONDENSER CLEANER. It is designed to remove grease, dirt and other organic material from refrigeration equipment. The powerful foaming action allows KHEMIX-107 Coil Kleen plus to penetrate those hard-to-reach areas and outer surface of the new condenser with a CLEAN, BRIGHT, like NEW look.