- Excellent Anti-Corrosive Property
- Excellent resistance to moisture
- Excellent resistance to petroleum solvents and aliphatic solvents
- Excellent resistant to abrasion and weather


Designed to provide tough barrier coating for steel where blast cleaning is practical or economical.
This product can be applied over aged single pack coating or existing two pack coating and capable of withstanding dry heat up to 120ºC.
Tolerant to a rusty surface that is only mechanically or hand and power tool cleaned surface.
Can be overcoated with conventional and two pack coatings.
A maintenance coating for non-blasted steel : process equipment, pipes and storage tanks etc.


Micron Per Coat Airless Spray Conventional Spray Brush Roller
Dry 150 150 50 65
Wet 195 195 65 84


AmbientTemperature TouchDry HardDry Overcoating Interval Potlife
Minimum Maximum
15ºC 12 hours 48 hours 48 hours Indenfinite 16 hours
25ºC 6 hours 24 hours 24 hours Indenfinite 8 hours
35ºC 3 hours 12 hours 12 hours Indenfinite 4 hours

Application Method Brush/Roller, Conventional Spray and Airless Spray.
Mixing Ratio (by volume) 1 Parts Resin to 1 Parts Cure.
Thinner Thinner No. 2.
Airless Spray Nozzle Size : 0.48-0.58mm (19-23 thou)
Fan Angle : 80º
Operating Pressure : 110-160 kg/cm² (1600-2300 psi)

Conventional Spray Nozzle Size : 1.27mm (50 thou)
Atomising Pressure : 3.5 kg/cm² (50 psi)
Fluid Pressure : 0.7-1.0 kg/cm² (10-15 psi)

Brush This product is suitable for brush application for small areas and for touch up purpose.
Roller This product is suitable for roller application.


This product should preferably be applied at temperature in excess of 10ºC, In conditions of high relative humidity i.e. 80-85%, good ventilation conditions are essential. Substrate temperature should be at least 3ºC above the dew point.
At application temperature below 10ºC, drying and curing time will be significantly impaired. Application at temperature below 5ºC is not recommended.
The maximum air and substrate temperature for application is 40ºC providing conditions allow satisfactory application and film formation. If the air and substrate temperature exceed 40ºC and epoxy coatings are applied under this condition result paint film defects such as dry spray, bubbling and pinholing etc. can occur within the coating.
If it is desired to overcoat outside the times stated on the data sheet, please seek advice from Alspec representative.

Volume Soild 77%
Theoretical Coverage 5.15 m²/litre @ 150 microns DFT
Type 2 components
Packing Ratio 2.5 litres Resin : 2.5 litres Cure
Colour Availability Aluminium and limited colour range
Flash Point 41ºC (mixed)
Recommended Thickness 150 microns DFT
Recommended Thinner Thinner No. 2

Steel : Remove all wax, oil and grease by solvent cleaning in accordance with the guideline given by SSPC-SP1.
Soluble salt, dirt and dust must be removed prior to coating, Dry brushing should be suffiecient. Afresh water wash must be followed to remove all soluble salts.
Mechanically clean the surface using hand and power tools to a minimum standard of St.2 (ISO8501-1:1988) or SSPC-SP2 to avoid polishing the surface.