Neutralize, Prime & Rust Protection In One Step

The Ultimate Rust Converter!! Eliminate Time Consuming and Messy Sandblasting or Use Toxic Chemical as Rust Remover

Khemix 105 Neutralize Rust and Act as A Primer on Both Rusted Metals and Previously Painted Surface

Khemix 105 Safer to Used Than Latex Paint, Non-Flammable, Non Poisonous & Emits, No Harmful Fume

Save Time and Money Over 80% When Compared to Use Standard Primer and White Metal Sandblasting Preparation

Khemix 105 Treated on Rust Surface Can Last 2-4 Time Longer Than Conventional Coating

Khemix 105 Is A Water Based Treatment Will Treat Up To 120 SQ. FT. Per Liter


Question: How is Khemix 105 applied?
Answer: Khemix 105 may be applied by brushing, sponge, roller or spraying (may dilute with water as needed for particular spray equipment being used). Conventional painting equipment can be used.

Question: Where are the suitable application?
Answer: Khemix 105 can be used on structure, machinery, vehicle, marine and railing application and more….

Question: What type of coverage can be obtained?
Answer: It depend on the amount of rust on the metal surface, one medium coat will cover approximately 120 SQ. FT. Per Liter . If 2 layer of coat is require then 50-60 SQ. FT. per liter.

Question: How much time require to dried before apply top coating?
Answer: Depending on drying condition, it take about 30 minutes to dry become black protective coating. A minimum 12 hours (at low humidity and drying temperature above 75°F) and up to 24 hours (at high humidity and drying temperature below 75 °F.

Question: Can Khemix 105 be used on damp rusty surface?
Answer: Yes, the surface can be damp rusty, but should not have beads of water.

Question: Can Khemix 105 be applied on partly rust and partly painted?
Answer: Yes, Khemix 105 can be applied over bare metal, rusted area, or over any tightly adhere primer or paint on the surface.

Question: Is that necessary to applied a topcoat on Khemix 105?
Answer: It depend on individual requirement on the surface appearance, an additional topcoat will help to extend Khemix 105 service life.

Question: What are the temperature require during application?
Answer: A minimum of 45 °F require for air and metal treated temperature, and maximum of 100 °F is recommended.