Khemix 108 is represents a new concept in chemical cleaners, a blend of specially formulated powerful cleaning properties combined into an effective and safe chemical cleaner. Khemix 108 is specifically recommended for removing rust, thin layers concrete scale and other deposits.

Khemix 108 is effectively dissolves which hold scale and other deposits together in a mass. After the carbonates are dissolved the surfaces, iron, calcium (lime), magnesium and other insoluble materials fall from the surface.

Khemix 108 reacts with a 100% concentrated action that ensures all rust is removed from hundreds of materials including steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, marble, masonry, enamel, ceramics, chrome plating and even fabrics like wool, cotton and silk.

Khemix 108 safe to use does not corrode hands and skin immediately on contact and short-term exposure followed by a water rinse, is not harmful. Khemix 108 is an acid descale, safe to use, no toxic fumes, harmless to most paints & finishes, removes rust & corrosion, easy to handle, economical, fast acting.


Khemix 108 can be applied by trough, brush or mop directly on the spot or area to be de-rusted, left to chemically destroy the rusting and rinsed off with clean water. The time required for cleaning will depend on the degree of rust and a simple test can be made as to how long to leave Khemix 108 on the surface for maximum results. It is always advisable to paint or seal surfaces that have been de-rusted with Khemix 108 to eliminate the further onset of new rusting. Recommended to use Khemix 103 Cold Zinc Galvanize coating.

Effective – Water Department:

cleans water meter. Sewage Plant: cleans and descale diffusers tubes. Electrical Plant: cleans hi line tension bolts. Gas Department: cleans gas meters. Recreations Department: cleans chlorinators, cleans pool priors to painting, removes scum and suntan lotion film from sides of pool, removes mineral deposits from metal parts of diving board, metal ladders. Parks: removes scale and mineral deposits from playgrounds and equipment., cleans par shelter and facilities, removes rust and corrosion from athletics facilities.