Khemix 120 Valve Cutter is a formulated multi-ingredient, semi-fluid combination of penetrants and lubricants designed to dissolve and cut residual gums, harden greases, laquer deposits, inert solids and corrosion deposits that make valves hard or impossible to operate.

Khemix 120 Valve Cutter help made operational without cutting the product or disassembling the valve, bearing housing …..etc. Save time and maintenance cost.

Khemix 120 Valve Cutter is not a permanent lubricant or sealant , but is compatible with most lubricants (Greases).

Khemix 120 Valve Cutter is not flammable and contains graphite for added lubricity .

Application :

Pump as much Valve Cutter into valve as it will take using a high pressure hand lubricator or air operated lubricator. If valve cutter cannot be injected , replace the body lubrication fitting or button-head fitting with the appropriate fitting, as fitting may be plugged due to dried out material. Attempt the injection of Valve Cutter again.

Wait 10 to 20 minutes and try to operate the valve. Use of a "cheater" may be necessary to affect initial movement. If the valve stem can be moved slightly, it is proof that you are obtaining results. Work the stem back and forth to distribute the Valve Cutter in the valve and inject additional Valve Cutter during this movement. If on the first attempt to move the valve the results are negative, repeat the process of injecting the Valve Cutter into the valve, wait about 15 minutes and repeat the action with the use of a "cheater". If the valve has fitting in the bottom, try introducing the Valve Cutter into this port for increased and better distribution. Although not all valves are recoverable with Valve Cutter, a popular maintenance suggestion is the periodic use of Valve Cutter. By utilizing this suggestion, many operators have found that valves remain operable through years of usage under severe conditions. When the valve is gain operational,inject the recommendation grease / sealant for the particular service of the valve.

Specification :

Usable temperature range ; -40 °F to 400 °F (-40 °C to 204 °C)

Penetration (ASTM D-217) ; 400-430 / Bulk