Khemix 133 is an advance developed after extensive research and field testing scale and corrosion controller. It is scientifically balanced mixture of chemicals, which, when properly used, inhibits the formation of scale and corrosion by chelating and flocculating the natural water minerals and airborne gases which cause these undesirable and costly conditions.

Khemix 133 is a concentrated multi-function liquid cooling water treatment for use in cooling tower systems and evaporative condensers. It help to disperse slit and mud and prevent corrosion. Khemix 133 contains a threshold sequester for scale inhibiting agent to protect copper and brass tubes.

The presence of scale and corrosion and the sloughing -off of dead algae is probably one of the most common causes of cooling system breakdown due to the clogging of pumps and filters and loss of efficiency at heat transfer surfaces. Khemix 133 contains selected chemicals which prevent the growth of algae and slime forming bacteria which, in addition to being odorous and unsightly, increase the cost of operating a cooling system by reducing the heat transfer efficiency and clogging filter screens, pumps, valves and lines.

Khemix 133 can be use in high hardness, high alkalinity waters without the use of supplemental acid for pH control. Khemix 133 is an effective and economical treatment for stabilizing the condenser cooling water and protect equipment. It is workable in Extreme Hard Water.

Khemix 133 should be fed directly to the re-circulating water. The recommended initial slug feed rate for this product is 200 ppm (24 fluid ounces of Khemix 133 per 1,000 gallons of total system water). Therefore, feed Khemix 133 continuously at a rate of 0.06 fluid oz/day per each ton of refrigeration, per each 1,000 gallons of bleed water. For example, the treatment required for a 90 ton tower with a bleed rate of 1,000 gal/day is: (0.06 fluid oz/day) x 90 x 1.0 = 5.4 fluid oz /day. Treatment level in the cooling water should be monitor regularly, to determine the efficiency.