KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard was developed and formulated to protect components and surfaces from an extremely tight bond.

KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard protects against: Water, Dirt, Wind, Airborne Particles, and Foreign Elements

KHEMIX 155 Contains SBR, an elastomeric compound. The Elastomers in Weather Guard will inhibit bacterial attack and fungus growth. This can be of great benefit when humidity is a factor.

KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard is textured for greater durability. Parts coated with KHEMIX 155 will actually be protected from water, even when totally submerged.

KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard is ideal for use as an insulator for electricity. The volume resistance of this material makes it ideal for use on electrical terminals, for protection against corrosion and moisture. It can also be used as an insulator in junction boxes and exterior wire connections. This material is also ideally suited for encapsulating wire nuts and cable connectors exposed to the elements.

1 mil of KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard = 300 Volts
Example; a 1/8" thick coating of properly applied KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard will withstand up to 37,500 volts. A 1/16" coating of properly applied KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard will withstand up to 18,750 volts.

To insure a good margin of safety, it is suggested that the KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard be applied with an even thickness and the air pockets must be taken into account.

KHEMIX 155 Weather Guard‘s clear color, when dry, allows for easy and quick visual inspection of all wire leads.

Not to be Sprayed on Running Electrical Motors Live Wires. Disconnect all electrical equipment before using. Allow sufficient time to dry before reconnecting electrical equipment.