Khemix 162 Moly Dry Film is specially designed for areas where oil and grease cannot be used. Its carrier agent evaporates almost instantly, and is non-flammable spray leaving the remaining “dry” Lubrication.

Khemix 162 Moly Dry Film is and extreme temperature (-100 ° F to 1050 ° F) and extreme pressure (100,000 p.s.i) lubricant, It is inert to water, oil, alkalies and most acids.

Khemix 162 Moly Dry Film is a heavy concentrate of micro-sized collodial molybdenum disulfide lubricating solids in a fast evaporating synthetic carrier that has exceptional penetrating and spreading ability.

Khemix 162 Moly Dry Film is a tough, dry film lubricant with strong surface bond after the carrier evaporates, to provide better lubrication and less wear for surfaces exposed to such contaminants. It does not attract or retain grit.

Khemix 162 Moly Dry Film resist to chemicals degradation, dries to touch in 60 seconds It exceeds requirement for MIL - A- 907D, MIL - A – 8625 Type 1, MIL - C –5541 Class 3, and is nonconductive (contains no graphite).

Typical Used:

Recommended uses for Automotive, Refineries, Chemical plants, Paper mills, Foundries, Machine shops and other manufacturing facilities. Is applicable in chains and sprockets sliding surfaces, rollers and conveyors, door locks and many other applications. Shake can vigorously before use. Clean and dry surface to be coated, hold can 8 to 10 inches from surfaces. Apply thin uniform coating. Invert can and clear nozzle with a jet of clear gas after each use. Khemix 162 can be removed with chlorinated solvent.