KHEMIX 163 Cold Zinc Galvanize is a high solid coating that bonds to metal surfaces to prevent rust creep age and corrosion; can be painted over after allowing to cure for six hours under normal conditions.

KHEMIX 163 Cold Zinc Galvanize it's coating is equal to hot dip, is easy to use and is long lasting, especially use for permanent application.

KHEMIX 163 Cold Zinc Galvanize is typically use in structure steel and wire; truck and auto bodies; fencing and signs; boat trailers and docks; air conditioning units; oil-well drilling rigs; tanks, valves and piping; ornamental iron and many other uses.

KHEMIX 163 Cold Zinc Galvanize meets the following specifications: MIL-P-46105; MIL-P-21035; MIL-P-26915A and MIL-T-26433.

APPLICATION: Clean surface thoroughly. Remove grease and oil with KHEMIX 180 Safety Solvent Degreaser, remove paint, and clean surface. Sandblast heavy rust or mill scale, or wire brush light rust deposits.

Several thin coats are more effective than one thick coat. Drying can be accelerated with hot air or oven curing. Store in a cool, dry place.