Khemix 188 Coating is a protective, anti-corrosion coating system for use in machine shops, pipe yards, offshore platforms or anywhere metal needs to be protected for short or long periods of time.

Khemix 188 Coating will penetrate into micro-porous surface of metal to protect it from corrosion. Usable temperature range, 0 °F to + 300 °F (-8 °C to –149 °C).

Khemix 188 Coating will form a chemical molecular bonding action that physically protect treated surfaces against light abrasion and " knocking" forces. It also locks out harmful corrosion caused by moistures, chemicals, fumes and weathering.

Khemix 188 Coating is quick drying, forms a hard film, protects and preserves against rust and corrosion. It leave a hard, glossy, protective coating and is a good primer to use prior to application of bituminous coatings.

Khemix 188 Coating is ease of apply, no wastage, do not require special skills or training are for personnel using this product, Khemix 188 is a liquid that may be sprayed on, brushed on, or used for dip coating, it does not require thinning or heating before application.

Khemix 188 Coating does not emit any noxious, toxic or irritating fumes or gases. Can be safely used in confined areas.

Khemix 188 Coating will not crack, chip or peel, is highly resistance to moisture and parts adequately coated may be left unprotected outdoors. The duration of protection is dependent on the thickness of applied coating, it may be up to 24 months under normal exposure conditions and provide corrosion free storage.

Khemix 188 Coating has extensive coverage, one gallon will protect and cover up to 700 square feet of metal surface. (1 litre covers up to 150 square feet).

Khemix 188 Coating is easy to remove by using mineral spirits soaked in cleaning rags. No mess or fuss and the base surface remains clean and rust-free.

Any clean ferrous or non-ferrous metal surface can be treated with Khemix 188 including bodywork or structure steel, tools dies, raps, machine parts, castings, gears, forging, road and farm equipment, valves, etc.