Product Data Sheet / Application Instruction

· High build, ideal as the body coat in tank lining systems for chemical service.
· Can be applied up to 6 mils in one coat.
· Excellent durability in marine atmosphere.
· Meets requirements of U.S. Food & Drug Administration for potable water.
· High build protective system in immersed conditions especially over concrete surface in
aggressive solution.

Typical Uses

Particularly intend for internal lining of steel tanks for storing animal and vegetable oils, effluent tanks, drinking water tanks, etc. Over primed steel surfaces in aggressive environments such as marine and heavy industrial exposure.

Chemical Resistance Guide

The following is a representative list of chemicals to which KHEMIX 419 may be exposed as a lining. Contact your KHEMIX representative for recommendations concerning specific requirements.

Aliphatic hydrocarbons Lube oil
Aromatic 100,150 Mineral oil
Aviation Gasolines Oxygenated salt water
Castor oil Palm oil
40-60% Caustic (140°F, 60°C) Potable water
Crude oil (to 120°F, 49°C) Sea water
Diesel fuel Toluene
Gasoline, unleaded Water
Jet fuels Xylene
Kerosene Demineralised waterRefined palm oil Methyl ester

Physical Data

Finish Satin
Color Oxide Red and full range of industrial colours
Applied Over Prepared and primed steel, concrete, galvanized
Components 2
Curing Mechanism By solvent release and chemical reaction between components
Volume Solids 65% (ASTM D2697)
Dry film thickness 75 - 150 microns (3 – 6 mils)
Coats 1 - 3

Calculated coverage at
@ 25 microns (1 mil) 24.0m² /litre
@ 150 microns (6 mil) 4.0m² / litre
When computing practical coverage, allow for application loss and surface irregularities.
Application Method Airless or conventional spray
Pot life 6 - 7 hours @ 77ºF (25ºC)
Drying Time (ASTM D1640) At 77ºF (25ºC)
Dry to touch 2 - 3 hours
Dry through 16 hours
Minimum 8 hours
Maximum 7 days
If maximum recoat time exceeded, roughen surface with fine sandpaper before overcoating.
Cure time before immersion service Minimum 7 days at 25ºC
Mixing ratio (by volume) 9 parts resin component to 1 part cure component
Temperature limit
Continuous 200ºF (93ºC), dry
Intermittent 266ºF (130ºC), dry
Flash point (ASTM D3275) Setaflash Closed Cup Mixed Coating (ASTM D3275) 84ºF (29ºC)
Thinner RT - 101
Cleaner KHEMIX 012
Packaging 5 litres set 20 litres set
Resin 4.5 litres in 5 litres can 18 litres in 20 litre pail
Cure 0.5 litres in 1 litre can 2 litres in 2.5 litres can
Shipping Weight 5 litre set 20 litre set 7.3 kg 28.0 kg
Shelf Life 24 months when stored indoors and tightly sealed contained.

Application Data Summary

For complete information on procedures, equipment, and safety precautions, see detailed Application Instructions. KHEMIX 419 must be applied as recommended to obtain maximum performance.

Application Equipment

The following is a guide; suitable equipment from other manufacturers may be used. Changes in pressure and tip size maybe needed for proper spray characteristics.
Airless Spray - standard equipment such as Graco, Devilbiss, Mordsen - Bede, Speeflo, or others having a 28:1 or higher pump ratio and a fluid tip of 0.013 to 0.021 in. (0.33 to 0.43mm).
Conventional Spray - industrial equipment such as Devilbiss MBC or OGA spray gun with 78 or 765 air cap and “E” fluid tip or Binks No. 18 or 62 gun with 63PB nozzle set up. Separate air and fluid pressure regulators, mechanical pot agitator and a moisture and oil trap in main air supply line are recommended.
Power mixed - Jiffy Mixer powered by an air or an explosion - proof electric motor.

Brush - Natural bristle. Maintain wet edge.
Roller - Use industrial roller. Level any air bubbles with bristle brush.

Application Procedure

KHEMIX 419 consists of two components which must be mixed together before use. It is packaged in the proper portions in 5 litres or 20 litres units.
1. Flush equipment KHEMIX 012 before use.
2. Stir each component thoroughly, then combine resin and cure and mix until uniform.
3. Thin only if necessary for workability, add RT-101 thinner by volume.
4. Do not mix more material than will be used within pot life. Pot life is shortened by higher temperatures.
5. For conventional spray, use adequate air pressure and volume to ensure proper atomization.
6. Apply a wet coat in even, parallel passes; overlap each pass 50 percent. If required, cross-spray at right angles to avoid holidays, bare areas and pinholes.
Note : When applying directly over inorganic zinc or zinc-rich primers, a mist coat / full coat
technique may be required to minimize bubbling. This will depend on the age of the primer,
surface roughness and environmental conditions during application and curing.
7. A wet film thickness of 208 microns normally provides 125 microns of fry film.
8. When using brush or roller application method, additional coats may be required to achieve proper film thickness.
9. When a pinhole-free film is required, check film continuity of material with a nondestructive holiday detector such as Tinker and Rasor Model M-Apply additional KHEMIX 419 to areas requiring touch up.
10. Clean all equipment with thinner or KHEMIX 012 immediately after use.

Safety Precautions
CAUTION - Improper use and handling of this product can be hazardous to health and cause fire or explosion. Do not use this product without first taking all appropriate safety measures to prevent property damage and injuries. These measures may include, without limitation: implementation of proper ventilation, use of proper lamps, wearing of proper protective clothing and masks, tenting and proper separation of application areas.
Consult your supervisor. Proper ventilation and protective measures must be provided during application and drying to keep spray mists and vapor concentrations within safe limits and to protect against toxic hazards. Necessary safety equipment must be used and ventilation requirements carefully observed, especially in confined or enclosed spaces, such as tank interiors and buildings.
This product is to be used by those knowledgeable about proper application methods. KHEMIX makes no recommendation about the types of safety measures that may need to be adopted because these depend on application environment and space, of which KHEMIX is unaware and over which it has no control. It you do not fully understand these warnings and instructions or if you cannot strictly comply with them, do not use the product.

Limitation of Liability

KHEMIX’s liability on any claim of any kind, including claims based upon KHEMIX’s negligence or strict liability, for any loss or damage arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the use of the products, shall in no case exceed the purchase price allocable to the products or parts thereof which give rise to the claim. In no event shall KHEMIX be liable for consequential or incidental damages.


KHEMIX’s products are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship. If a product does not conform with this Warranty, Buyer must notify KHEMIX within five days of discovery of the defect, but in no event later than one year after delivery date or after expiration of the applicable shelf life, whichever is shorter. KHEMIX’s sole obligation under this Warranty shall be at its option, to credit Buyer’s account, or to supply replacement material or repair. Failure to notify KHEMIX of nonconforming goods under this Warranty, within the time specified above, shall bar Buyer from recovery hereunder.
It is expressly understood that KHEMIX makes no other warranties concerning the goods, and the sole remedy of the Buyer and the sole liability of KHEMIX for product defect shall be as set forth above. No other warranties, express or implied, whether or merchantability or of fitness for any particular use shall apply. KHEMIX shall not be responsible for consequential damages.
Any recommendation or suggestion relating to the use of the products made by KHEMIX either in technical literature or in response to specific inquiry is given in good faith, but it is for Buyer to satisfy itself of the suitability of the goods for its own particular purpose and it will be deemed to have done so.