Features :

· Help To Increase Friction Between Belt & Mechanism Drive
· Non Drying, Non Petroleum Oils
· Proper Degree of Tackiness
· Protect From Dry, Air Rot & Slippage
· Prolong Rubber, Leather & Composite Cloth Belt Life Span
· Stop Squeaks, Squealing
· Energy Save From Belting System
· Food Grade, USDA Complied

KHEMIX 1073 is non-drying formula high performance belt conditioner, it is made up of a combination of non-petroleum oils, highly processed for the proper degree of tack. It contents other proprietary chemicals that added to protect belts from dry or air rot and slippage.

KHEMIX 1073 Food Grade Belt Dressing designed to increase friction between belt & drive sheave, pulley or other drive mechanism without robbing the system of power.

KHEMIX 1073 is heavy performance products that keeps all belt-driven processing equipment at the top operating efficiency. Stops squeaks, squealing and slippage on V belts, Leather belts and Flat Drive belts.

APPLICATION: Regular use improves belt life and efficiency, spray or brush onto V-belts on beveled sides while belts are in motion. Also can spray sheaves lightly. Belt should be tightened if needed. Rubber and Leather belts should be sprayed or brushed in their entirety. Canvas belt require more liberal application. Reapply every 2-3 weeks for maximum belt life and power transmission economy.