Features :

· USDA Complied Food Grade Application
· Fast Penetrating
· Excellent Lubricating
· Quick In Displacing Water
· Tough In Fighting Rust

Khemix 1074 Food Grade 4 in 1 Penetrant is specially designed for multi application in food processing plant, is excellent for penetrating fasteners, hinges, nuts, bolts, screws and other areas bound by rust, corrosion, gum adhesive or any others locking materials.

Khemix 1074 is an superb light duty lubricant and penetrant formulated for multi application in food processing equipment, meat & poultry plant, beverage, brewery, kitchen, pharmaceutical, dairies, ice cream manufacturing etc…

Khemix 1074 it has excellent application in non food industry, whom has hygienic requirement ; for household, hotel, restaurant, commercial buildings, theme park, airport etc…..

Application : All forms of threaded fasteners in their assembly and disassembly, suitable for use on all forms of processing equipment where assembly and disassembly damage may occur, it is also an idea lubricant for cylinder, slide way , chain, open gear , door hinge found in food manufacturing plant. Idea for anti rust oily film protection on knife, saw blade, cutters, tables, tools etc…..

Directions : For pinpoint application, insert plastic extender tube before use. Apply Khemix 1074 to frozen or corroded part allowing a few moments for Khemix 1074 to “wick” in. Tap part with a hammer lightly to aid penetration. For stubborn parts, repeat spraying and allow longer time for penetration. For lubrication, just spray part to be lubricated. Note: In food processing areas, food products and packaging materials must be removed of carefully protected before applying Khemix 1074 to equipment.