· Biodegradable All Natural
· FDA & USDA Complied
· Recognized by FEMA as GRAS ( generally recognized as safe)
· Non Caustic, Non Toxic
· Citrus Odor For Clean Room
· Effective In Removing Dirt, Grease & Oil From Any Surfaces
· Non Hazardous Define Under OSHA (29 CFR 1910.1200)

KHEMIX 1077 is an all nature heavy duty food grade degreaser that can easily remove dirt, grease and oil from most surfaces in food processing plant.

KHEMIX 1077 is Multi Application Biodegradable, content no toxic and caustic substances, specially designed for Food Processing, Beverage, Brewery, Pharmaceutical, Meat & Poultry Plant, Hotel, Restaurant, Hospitals, Commercial Building, Households or any Hygienic application requirements.

KHEMIX 1077 help clean Knives, Saw Blades, Tools, Cutters, Food Processing Equipment, Tables, Painted Surfaces, Conveyors, and other hard surfaces ; also suitable for use in Inedible product processing areas, non-processing areas, not advisable to be used where direct contact with food may occur or for masking odors.

APPLICATION : Mop or Spray liberally onto surface to be cleaned and brush or scrub. For hard to clean soils allow it to sit for several minutes and clean as usual. Do not apply in areas that contain foodstuffs, remove items to be cleaned from foodstuff area or assure that foodstuffs are completely covered or removed.