Khemix 190 K-Force Industrial Cleaner is a complete solution to all kind of tough cleaning job encounter in industrial and commercial cleanings.

Khemix 190 K-Force Industrial Cleaner has high alkaline detergent, will penetrate and remove all types of grease and grime. It is a low foaming penetrants and boosters quickly cut grime, and emulsifiers retain and float away residue for a like new finish.

Khemix 190 K-Force Industrial Cleaner is concentrate and a complex, biodegradable liquid detergent that is most effective with high dilution ratios of water. Phosphate free with highly active cleansing agents, that will reduce time and effort.

Khemix 190 K-Force Industrial Cleaner is formulated for steam cleaners and power washers, but equally effective when applied by rag, brush or spray. It is an excellent rig wash.

Khemix 190 K-Force Industrial Cleaner is a controlled sudsing detergent that will handle the cleaning needs of large floor areas with power scrubbing equipment. It is efficient and economically mixed in the solution tanks of power scrubbers.

Khemix 190 K-Force Industrial Cleaner exhibits controlled sudsing to promote efficient pickup with good scrubber operation, the solution performs with high dilution ratios to strip or emulsify grime on floors and equipment with a minimum of soak time.

Khemix 190 K-Force Industrial Cleaner is non-flammable and can be used in hazardous plant areas, USDA approved, safe for used in aluminum. p H of concentrate 9.2-9.8

Application Method:

A normal dilution ratio of 1 to 50 parts water is recommended but ratio will vary from 1 to 20 parts water up 100 parts water, according to water properties and floor conditions.
Do not use at full strength, dilute with water. Adjust dilution for specific job and water. Apply with steam cleaner, power washer, floor scrubber, brush, sponge, mop or cloth.
Do not apply to hot surfaces. Works well on surfaces which are warm to the touch. Water quality and temperature will effect the solution's cleaning power. Adjustment of cleaning concentrate may be necessary for a specific job and water.
Suggested dilution:
Parts water to parts concentrate.

• Minimum 5 to 1

• Maximum 100 to 1

• Steam cleaners 50 to 1

• Floor scrubbers 50 to 1

• Power washers 50 to 1

• Sea water + 72 ° F (+61 ° C) 50 to 1