SPEC’99 - 224, The 21st Century Revolutionary Grease, The Only Best Selection Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Grease Custom For Today Sophisticated Mechanical Technology

· Excellent Elastohydrodynamic Film Strength · Extreme Pressure Performance – 85 Lbs Timken OK Load
· Extremely Resist To Water “Wash-Out” · Extend Greasing Interval 10 Times to Conventional
· Grease For Seal For Life · Wide Operating Temperature Range – 45°C to 260°C
· Eco Product · Rust & Corrosion Protection Performance Above Standard


SPEC-224 is our proprietor formulation grease for today high technology industry’s requirement, fortified with the improve SPEC-GX additives package

Extreme Pressure Protection SPEC-224 was professionally formulated under high technology process, its revolution chemistry properties, make the grease outstanding from the extremely high impact operating condition yet it stay with a strong texture without fail. Timken OK Load well above 85 Lbs.

Elastohydrodynamic Film SPEC-224 has gone through several adverse field tests, it maintain an excellent hydrodynamic polymer film strength that stay put and leave the thin oil film continue lubricating without disappointment.

Wide Operating Temperature SPEC-224 will not freeze under – 45°C and work well under high temperature up to 260 °C, an universal application lubricants for all industries.

Extreme Resistant To Water “Wash-Out” SPEC-224 is carefully blended with unique polymers properties that stubborn to soluble with water, and its adhesiveness and cohesiveness out beat high water “wash-out” pressure.

Rust & Corrosion SPEC-224 has a unique chemistry resistant to mild acid corrosion, and salt water attacked, make the grease continue provide proper lubrication under the wet corrosive environment.

Eco Product SPEC-224 is designed for long service life, under the normal operating condition it can easily last 10 time longer than conventional grease, ideal as seal for life grease. Reduction of lubricants disposal is an environmental contribution.


It can be used in any possible industry as EP solution such like for; Wheel Bearing, Disc Brake, Fifth Wheels, U-joints, Steering Linkage, Chassis, Off Road Truck, Construction Equipment, Logging Equipment, Mining Equipment, Crusher, Oil Field Equipment, Agriculture Equipment, Bulk & Paper Equipment, Off Shore Drilling Equipment, Marine Deck, all type of bearing include; plain bearing, heavily loaded journal bearing, ball and roller bearing, needle bearing, coupling.

NOTE: Not recommended for high speed small bearing above 5000 RPM


Penetration @ 77 °F 265-310
Dropping Point °C (°F) 260 (550)
Water Washout ASTM 1264 <2%
Water Spray Off Test ASTM D4049 <10.0%
Rust Test ASTM D1743 #1 rating
Copper Strip Corrosion, 3 hrs @ 210 °F 2b/3a
Base Oil Viscosity
SUS @ 100 °F 2000
SUS @ 210 °F 165
Flash Point, °C (°F) 251(485)
Pour Point, °F (°F) -12(10)
Viscosity Index 127
Timken OK Load 85 Lbs
High Load Film Endurance Wear Test 0.56mm (Excellent)
(ASTM D2266)
4 Ball EP Test, (ASTM D2596), Weld Point, kg. 620 kg.