· Dielectric Properties
· Chemicals Inert
· NSF H1 Food Grade Compliance
· Non Melting Characteristic
· Non Carbonizing and Non Hardening
· An Excellent Valve Sealant & O-rings Lubricant
· Non Toxic, Eco Friendly


SPEC 295 ECO INSULATOR GREASE Dielectric Properties, it has a nature property of dielectric strength for insulating application, good hydrolytic stability. Excellent application in switch box, electrical components where a lubricant is require.

SPEC 295 ECO INSULATOR GREASE Chemicals Inert, it chemical inert thickener is completely insoluble in Methanol, Ethanol, Dilute Acids and Caustics, Vegetable Oil, Mineral Oils (Hydrocarbon base), Glycols, Alcohol and Water. Excellent application in Petrochemical Industry, Oxygen Plant, Acid Plant, Waste Water Treatment, Car Manufacturing – Paint Shop, any hazardous concern applications.

SPEC 295 ECO INSULATOR GREASE NSF H1 Food Grade Compliance, all of its components are conform to NSF H1 Food Grade requirement, is safe to use in where there may be incidental food contact or in potable water system.

SPEC 295 ECO INSULATOR GREASE Non Melting, Non Carbonizing & Non Hardening Characteristic, it is formulated with high Viscosity Index Silicone fluid and fortified with Oxidation inhibitors, which has no melting, carbonizing and hardening tendencies during adverse application.

SPEC 295 ECO INSULATOR GREASE Valve Sealant & O-Rings Lubricant, because of it chemical inert synthetic base characteristic, it is also excellent in valve lubricant, and sealant that provide a non-curing moisture barrier, used for outdoor equipment, shipboard application that are subject to harsh environmental exposure. It also work well as a chemical barrier coating, a damping medium for dashpots, and as a lubricant for gasket, seals and O-Rings and others rubber of plastic application.

SPEC 295 ECO INSULATOR GREASE Wide Operating Temperature Application, a broad temperature range from -40 ◦C to 250 ◦C, change in its viscosity over broad range of temperature is very low, thus preventing run off or stiffening to the point where the is unusable.

SPEC 295 ECO INSULATOR GREASE Non Corrosive and Radiation Resistant, it is water repellent and resist in radiate contamination, effective application in Fire Extinguisher, Water Faucet Valves, Water Softener Valves, Lock mechanisms, Flow Meter bearings, Electrical Assemblies and Terminals.


Property Test method Units Value
Specify Gravity @ 20 º C (77ºF) ASTM D 287 G/ml 0.98
Base Oil Polydimethylsilicone
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 +300
Pour Point ASTM D97 (ºF) -(45)
Evaporation @ 250º C (482ºF) Noack % Loss 0.9
Penetration @25 º (77 º F)UnworkedWorked 60 StrokesWorked 60,000 Strokes ASTM D-1403 Mm-1 265265275
Dropping Points ASTM D-566 (º F) None
Water Washout ASTM D-1264 % 0.75
Color N/a Translucent White
Dielectric Strength, KV @ 25ºC ASTM D-2225 30

Health 1 1
Flammability 0 0
Reactivity 0 0
Protection B B

HMIS/NFPA Rating: 0 - No Risk 1-Minor 2- Moderate 3-High Risk 4 – Extremely High Risk
NFPA: National Fire Protection Association rating identifies hazards during a fire emergency
HMIS: Hazardous Materials Identification System rating applies to process as packages