An Ultra High Performance Fluorinated Synthetic Grease Designed For Almost Any Impossible Adverse Operating Environment


· High Thermal Stability
· Low Temperature
· Non Reactive, Radiation Stability
· Non Flammable
· Low Vapor Pressure
· Mechanical Stability And Conductivity
· Chemicals And Oxygen Inertness
· Extreme Pressure Protection
· Corrosion And Rust Protection
· Non Toxic, Free Of Ozone Depletion Compounds (ODC)


Thermal & Oxidative Stability SPEC 298 has its nature of properties under various temperature conditions, it will resist high temperature operation, maintain stable performance at all time even under the low temperature conditions it can withstand as low as -50ºC, provide consistent service without break down.

Non Reactive & Radiation Stability SPEC 298 is virtually indestructible toward radiation and is designed for low pressure system will not reactive with chemicals, very suitable for nuclear, aerospace and difficult to access areas for repair or replacement.

Non Flammable SPEC 298 has no flash point eliminate the hazard of flammability, safety products.

Low Vapor Pressure SPEC 298 will evaporate very slow to almost impossible, therefore it has very long service life, and extend re-greasing interval.

Mechanical Stability And Conductivity SPEC 298 are formulated with advanced chemistry that has abnormal ability to hold oil and withstand mechanical stress to very high extend for all types of bearings.

Chemicals And Oxygen Inertness SPEC 298 is basically designed for chemicals and oxygen resistant purpose, it is accommodate rigid specification for safety in oxygen and harsh chemicals environment such like hydrocarbon fuels, most of caustic solvents, Nitrogen Tetroxide, Ethyl Alcohol, Aniline, Ammonia, Hydrazine, Fluorine, Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine, Turbine fuel, Boiling Sulphuric Acid, Boiling Nitric Acid, Molten Sodium Hydroxide, Diethylenetriamine, and Hydrogen Peroxide, it is widely recommended for aerospace, space shuttle, hydrocarbon process plant, O-rings lubricants, and oxygen system.

Extreme Pressure Protection SPEC 298 is fortified with exclusive anti-wear EP additives provide heavy load capability, and protect against wear and tear.

Corrosion And Rust Protection SPEC 298 has a superior film strength form on the metallic surface to prevent from corrosive materials attack such as moisture, oxygen … etc.

Non Toxic, Free Of Ozone Depletion Compounds (ODC) SPEC 298 contain no toxic, no damage to ozone, never sacrifice for the earth, it is absolutely an environmental safe products.


Oxygen production, Mining, Plastic Compounding, Hydrocarbon Service in Petrochemical Plant, Oil Well Drilling, O-Rings, Ceramics, Couplings, Valves as a Sealant, Canning, Textile, Circuit Breakers, Railway Switch Bearing, Aeronautical Equipment, Aircraft components, or Aircraft Ground support equipment, Gaseous Service, used as Anti-Seize, as Gasket Sealant, all kind of valves like; Plug Valves, Pressure Release Valves, pumping equipment, high reactive or acidic liquids, high vacuum systems, cryogenic apparatus, sealed for roller bearings of track and chain conveyors under high temperature condition, rolling bearing, fan bearings, jet fuel pump bearings, Pharmaceuticals industry, Computer Chips industry, Automotive industry (especially in the painting & drying ovens and conveyors bearing)…etc.

NOTE: The service life of Spec 298 can last as long as 3 years or above, but subject to oil analysis.


NLGI # 2

Worked Penetration 265-300

Unworked Penetration 255

Flash Point None

Pour Point -84 °F (-50°C)

Base Oil
Viscosity @ 100 °F 550
Viscosity @ 210 °F 49

Viscosity Index 150

Vapor Pressure (Knudsen Method)
@ 100 °F 6 x 10-9 torr
@ 500 °F 3 x 10-4 torr

Evaporation 1.00 %
(22 hrs, 400 °F Max.)

Copper Corrosion 1a
(24hrs, 212 °F)

Oil Separation 12.00 %
(30 hrs, 400 °F Max.)

Neutralization Number 0.11 mg KOH /g

Low Temperature Torque 6500 g-cm
(-20 °F, starting, max)

High Temperature Bearing 1000 hrs +
Performance (400 F, 10,000 rpm)

Temperature Range -84 °F (-50°C) to 500 °F (260°C)

LOX Impact Sensitivity No Reaction
(20 impacts from 1100 mm)