SPEC’99 – 596, An Ultimate Formulation Specially Design For Long Service Life And Low Temperature Environment To –21oC, Blended From Solvent Refined Paraffinic Base Oils.


SPEC’99 - 596, is highly viscous, with greater film strength to ensures constant pressure, high volumetric efficiency.

* High VI provide excellent hydraulic response at both high and very low ambient temperatures
* Superior oxidation control to prevent oil thickening
* Foam dispersion to prevent pump cavitation
* Effective demulsification, prevent power-robbing phenomena
* Excellence anti-wear properties to fight fiction
* Superior corrosion inhibited, multi-metal compatibility
* High aniline points, inventory reduction


SPEC¢99 - 596, remain effective performance even encounter the most difficult and tough working conditions. Exceeded all major hydraulic pump manufacturer’s specifications.

HIGH VISCOSITY INDEX: SPEC¢99 - 596, contain an effective VI improver which provide viscosity stability in the hydraulic system that subjected to wide ambient and system operating temperature range.

OXIDATION CONTROL: The oxidation additives help to prevent oil thickening, reduce sludge and varnish formation, that improved lubricant life and drain cycles, which is generally result in noticeable reduction on oil consumption.

FOAM DISPERSION: Foaming is one of the major cause of surging and loss of power in hydraulic system, the effective foam dispersion inhibitors help to disperse foams quick and maintain power transmission in peak level even during the “ mid – day ”.

DEMULSIFICATION EFFECTIVENESS: SPEC¢99 – 596 contains effective demulsified to fight power – robbing phenomena, especially during the present of condensation of water within the oil reservoir.

ANTI – WEAR ADDITIVES: SPEC¢99 – 596 fortified with an exclusive developed additive “SPEC – GX” provide an unique film strength, lessen metal contact, minimize friction and wear, cooler operating temperatures and longer life for hydraulic components and the lubricants itself.

CORROSION INHIBITOR: SPEC¢99 – 596 has a very low pH, and therefore there is no acid build – up, minimize corrosion effects on metal parts and oil seal material in the entire hydraulic system.

LUBRICITY: SPEC¢99 – 596 is manufactured from high solvent refined paraffin base oil that provide excellent lubricity to the friction – prone areas, eliminating premature wear.

VERSATILITY: Recommended for all hydraulic system regardless of the operating pressure, hydraulic pump designs including vane, gear, and axial and radial and radial piston pumps, widely use in machine tools, presses, die-casting machines, circulating systems and hydraulic control systems.
Also suitable for mobile construction equipment.

ISO VG 32 46 68
SAE Grade 10 15 20
Density @ 15C, g/cm3 0.8743 0.8794 0.8838
Density @ 30C, g/cm3 0.8649 0.8700 0.8744
ASTM Colour <0.5 <1.0 <1.5
Appearance B & C B & C B & C
Viscosity @ 40C 31.85 49.66 73.23
Viscosity @ 100C 5.55 7.05 9.09
Viscosity Index 100 98 98
Flash Point COC Deg C 216 242 248
Pour Point Deg C -27 -27 -27