Alconz 10250 - Single point automatic grease dispenser is designed to ensure reliable lubrication and cut lubrication cost by an advanced electronic control mechanism. It consists of a vertical feed pump, motor/gear set, and Microprocessor control system, which makes outstanding operation pressure available upto 20kg-f/Cm2(280 psi).

The Lubricant is supplied in 250cc Alconz 10250 pouch, which are replaceable along with a Alconz 10250 power pack. Alconz 10250 is designed to operate across a wide temperature range from -20 to + 70 C. Carefully selected full range of grease; that is Mineral based multipurpose, Heavy Duty, High Speed, and Fully Synthetic Food Grade (USDA H1) and High Temperature Lubricant.

Alconz 10250 offers 5 optional deispnsing interval from 1 to 12 months in a single unit.