About Us


ARENAX key role in Preventive Maintenance Industry is to deliver premium products with excellent maintenance solution. Arenax established since the year 2000 and has years of business expertise engaged in product research and development, distribution, modern management, sales and marketing, technical consultation and training techniques.


ARENAX prime objective is to provide a diversified high-quality products line used in industrial preventive maintenance and a comprehensive safety solution. The objective is to reduce costly downtime, save energy consumption, environmentally friendly, making people feel safe and our customers will receive a great return in profit at bottom line.


ARENAX main target is to cater the Manufacturing, Construction, Commercial Building, Marine, Mining, and Transportation sector like Palm Oil Industry, Steel Mill, Paper Mill, and Food industry. We understand that our success is based upon our ability to help the customer success by using quality ARENAX products.


ARENAX is striving to meet or exceed the needs of our customers by consistently providing technically advanced products, which place the company in an enviable position, behind each of our products is the commitment to quality.


ARENAX is able to rapidly disseminate the required information, as new needs and situation arise and continually researching and developing new products that deliver the highest quality, standard and performance products to solve the maintenance problems.


ARENAX is well known as an integrated supplier in preventive maintenance and comprehensive safety products. We provide almost full range in specialty lubricants, maintenance chemicals, personal protective equipment to assist promptly and effectively with your industrial needs.


ARENAX sales representative are well trained, has excellent experience and comprehensive knowledge in the preventive maintenance field, they are dedicated to the customers demand.